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    • REIKI $80
      Heal the mind, body, & spirit.

    • REIKI from Afar $80
      Distance healing is as effective as in person.
      Read more here.

    • REIKI for Children $50
      A half-hour session is perfect for children.

    • I.E.T. $95
      Clear your aura on all levels with an hour of I.E.T.

    • Crystal Energy Enhancement $10
      Amplify the effects of Reiki or I.E.T. with crystals.
      Every crystal has its own healing properties. 
      Up to 3 crystals placed on or near your body. 


    • Customized Workshop Consult Free
      Gather friends for a workshop or guided meditation. 
      Call to discuss the feasibility of your topic of interest.


      • Numerology $40
        Discussion of numerology and how it works.
        Worksheets will help to calculate *your* numbers.
        We will look at what those numbers mean for you.
        September 16, 2019.

      • Being an Empath: Pros, Cons and Protection $40
        Did you know there are many types of empaths? Discover your type!
        Discuss positive aspects of this gift as well as areas of concern.
        We'll share methods of protection and acquire more tools to work with.
        October 21, 2019. Registration opens September 9th.

      • "Letting Go" Group Hypnosis $50
        Stop carrying emotional baggage and negativity. 
        Be guided to deep relaxation & release what no longer serves you.
        November 18, 2019. Registration opens in October.
        Just in time for the holidays!


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