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Past life regression The most amazing experience! I was skeptical but this answered so many questions that have weighed me down for years. I highly recommend this!
Nicki F
Wonderful services Donna has been instrumental in helping me along my healing journey with I.E.T and Reiki, she takes me very seriously and I feel comfortable talking to her about everything, I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in seeking deep energetic healing.
Hypnosis Works for Eating Issues! I came to Donna seeking help making peace with food and my overeating struggles. I had been struggling with episodes of overeating for almost two years, usually about once a week. If you've ever struggled with this type of issue, you know that it can seem absolutely awful at times, and can leave you feeling very hopeless. After just 6 weeks, I can safely say that I have never felt so at ease around food. To have over 4 weeks now without an episode speaks volumes! I feel like Donna has given me the tools to take back control of my life, and I am so excited that I now know how to prevent those awful overeating episodes from occurring again. Hypnosis did for me what traditional therapy couldn’t. If you have a habit or action that you are trying to break, Donna is the person to go to!
Great Experience Although guys may think this is kinda a 'woo-woo' experience … you should try the hypnosis and reiki sessions. The experience is relaxing and Donna may also provide some things to think about. She is excellent!
Calming Reiki Treatment I had my first session with Donna two weeks ago. My experience was wonderful! Donna has a very caring and genuine presence, and the reiki treatment left me feeling very calm and centered. I've been going through a difficult personal situation, but the reiki treatment has really helped my overall anxiety. I've remained feeling balanced and at peace, despite my current situation. I highly recommend seeing Donna is you are in need of some re-balancing and relaxation!
Extremely healing! I had the priviledge of a past life regression with Donna. It revealed so much of what was hidden deep in my mind, which then allowed me to heal from some of the wounds of my past. I felt comfortable and safe in her care. She is highly recommended on my end.
Gunleen D
Past Life Regression-Excellent Experience I tried a past life regression and was quite satisfied with my experience. Donna is very welcoming and takes her time explaining everything and going through the whole process. She does not rush anything, giving you the proper attention that you deserve. The overall environment and ambience was very comforting and soothing. I do have to say though that the experience will be as effective as you make it-make sure you're relaxed and not all over the place with your thoughts. Definitely something worth trying if you want to connect with your soul and possibly break free of some past life vows/ties. We were able to do this in my session and it was a very freeing experience that left me feeling joyful and light towards the end. It also restored my faith in working with the angels with a level of ease (e.g. having them come in to sever cords when I want them to). If you're looking to try this, it's definitely something worth considering as you may emerge with new insights.
solange estefani kazimiack
Wonderful Healing through Donna I still in awe how effective her energies are, since I walked through the door of Donna house I felt that I am in the right place I was having a very hard time to detach from a emotion that is killing me and dragging me down in sadness and depression, soon I entered on that beautiful place of calm and meet that beautiful angel called Donna I will never will forget my unique experience in received such immense healing through her hands the light and love that I felt still with me and changed my life since my first time and the second time put me in a state of bliss and connect me with my true self, I feel more confident and happy than ever and that cloud that was over me now is pure light and love that I want to hold forever in my soul Thanks to the Universe that strong guided me to Donna and I don't have words to describe how Grateful I am for her existence and the help she gave to me from the Source is priceless. I highly recommend her healings and teachings, you will feel the healing on her voice just like me, I was in pieces and now I am reborn to a new person better than ever because I believed and trust that the Universe works in wonderful ways through wonderful people like Donna. Thank you Thank you for all your wonderful work Dear Soul Doctor Donna! I really appreciate immensely your beautiful work... much love and light!!!!
Sarah K
Wonderful Experience I started seeing Donna in June 2016 for Reiki and have gone on a fairly regular basis ever since. She's professional yet personable and has always made me feel very comfortable. Her treatment space is clean and relaxing with ambient music and calming scents. She's an excellent Reiki practioner and I highly recommend her to anyone who's interested in receiving energy work.
Karen L
Otherworldly beautiful New experience that did not immediately solve any problems but left me with a sense of calm peacefulness. Environment in both the living room and Reike room embodies the serenity and tranquillity that were the essence of my Reiki experience